Bringing Back the 90’s in the 2000’s

Bringing Back the 90's in the the 2000's



photo 1-3                                    photo 3-2



May 2nd has promised the students and citizens of Boston well in 2014. With warmer weather underway more students brought out the skirts; shorts and mid drifts. But nothing caught my attention as much as this funky ensemble by second year voice student at Berklee Tiana Traficante.

As Traficante mentioned ” The outfit was a 90′s inspired ensemble I have always wanted to rock a snap back and I absolutely adore pattern & enjoy pushing the envelope when it comes to fashion.”

This ensemble reminded me that there are definitely times when you can have some fun with your outfits and bring back some styles the bright colors worked well in contrast with Tiana’s Bold Red Hair and she also was able to rock her music side by putting on her White Beats by Dre. headphones to complete the ensemble.

Her makeup and jewelry also worked in contrast Bright Pink Lipstick with colorful beads and Gold Hoop earrings.

You get a similar look here under 100.00$

1.) Vans – – $42.00

2.) Jean Jacket – – $ 23.00

3.)  Snap Back Hat – $3.99

4.)  Patterned Jogger Pants – $21.95

5.) Mis Fit Crop Top – $38.00

6.) Pink Lipstick Maybellline – $5.00

7.) No money for Beats Head Phones get something cool funky and similar at  $19.99



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